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Financial Security Group specializes in social security, college planning & financial aid, business solutions, retirement income strategies, estate transfer strategies, pension options, tax reduction strategies, life insurance, safe money growth, nursing home protection, long term care, medicaid and veteran's benefits. 

Social Security Timing & Analysis

When is the right time to begin taking Social Security?  Should you file at 62 or Full Retirement Age? How does this decision affect your spouse if you die? These decisions could cost you several hundred thousand in potential Social Security Benefits over your lifetime. Should you file & suspend as a strategy and have your spouse file a restricted benefit application?  Should you work one more year?  Using state of the art software we can analyze your options and help you determine which course of action is best for you.

College Planning & Financial Aid

I am a member of 123 College and am qualified to offer analysis of your FASFA information and seek ways to reduce or eliminate you FEC. (Family Expected Contribution).  Many families are not aware of the strategies available to better position their student for acceptance into college or how to position their assets to minimize their FEC. In addition, I am a member of Sage Tuition Rewards and all of my clients are eligible to receive 5% per year of the account values in tuition reward points. These points can be used to pay up to one full year of tuition at over 340 Private Universities including 40 in Ohio. Examples of colleges that participate are University of Dayton and Tiffin College. Do you have grandchildren that you would like to pay their tuition for one full year with your points? You are eligible for $500.00 in free Sage tuition reward points just for meeting with me.

Business Solutions

The success of your business depends on strategy and planning. Whether your business is large or small it is important to protect your hard work and your investment.

Retirement Income Planning Strategies

Once a thorough analysis of your income needs and resources is determined we use several exclusive & proprietary means to create a plan that meets your goals. We consider all elements in our plans including taxes, inflation, health, age, legacy needs and market risk reduction strategies with guarantees of lifetime income for you & your surviving spouse.

Estate Transfer Strategies

We consider all of your estate transfer needs including asset protection, inheritance tax reduction or elimination, and arbitrage strategies to accomplish your desired goals. The law firms we work with have been trained in IRA Inheritance Trusts developed and patented by noted attorney Phil Kavish.  We are the only outlet in Butler County able to bring this unique strategy to our clients. In addition we utilize asset replacement trusts such as ILIT Trusts and Medicaid Protection trusts to guarantee protection against asset depletion.

Analysis of Pension Options & Pension Buy-Out Offers

Is a Joint & 100% Survivor option the best pension selection or would you be better served with a Joint & 50% survivor option or perhaps a Pension Maximization option allowing the pension at death to go to your heirs?  If you have a buyout offer from your company are there better income solutions available on the open market? We will do the research & analysis to help you understand your options so you can make an informed decision.

Tax Reduction Analysis/Strategies

Are you paying tax on your Social Security needlessly?  Could your income be transformed into a TAX FREE exclusion ratio income stream? Many retirees and their tax advisors do not know what their tax and income options are. In 35 years of practice I have yet to find one person that knew they could transfer tax free the gain on their company stock in the year of retirement. This Net Unrealized Appreciation tax free transfer is now allowed to go immediately into a Roth and will never be taxed.  Who do you know that needs to learn these strategies? 

Full Exam/Evaluation of Life Insurance or Annuity Contracts

Everyone needs an exam of their Insurance Contracts by someone other than the agent that sold it to them. We go directly to the home office of the issuing company and obtain information on your contracts that is reliable, understandable and never before exposed to you. We provide a complete written analysis of your contract.

Safe Money Growth & Income Opportunities

We have access to over 100 Legal Reserve Life Insurance Companies that will guarantee the safety of your money up to their claims paying ability. We only work with Investment Grade Insurance Companies as rated by AM Best Co.  Today’s modern insurance products can participate with market gains without any market risk of loss. In addition the modern Hybrid Annuities will guarantee you an income for as long as you and your spouse live. We will analyze all of the options available that meet your needs and present to you the best solutions for your needs. We have available several exclusive annuities and income options only available through the marketing groups I work with. Our goal is 100% client satisfaction with complete disclosure.  You will no longer have to guess if you are doing the right thing for your retirement and your family. You will know you are.

Nursing Home Long Term Care Insurance & Medicaid Spend Down Protection

Our Long Term Care specialist will evaluate your needs and provide options for your consideration that will pay for your nursing home expenses through Long Term Care Insurance. We are trained on the specifics of the Ohio Partnership Long Term Care rules as set up by the state. We offer tax deductible Long Term Care Insurance Contracts That Qualify for the Ohio Partnership rules.

Our Medicaid Planners will evaluate your situation and make recommendations on how to utilize the Medicaid spend down rules thereby preserving as much of your estate as is possible. Many people are unaware that there are exemptions to the spend-down rules and needlessly spend their entire estate on their care.  With proper planning it is possible that you or your parents, spouse or others could qualify for care without spending any more money.

Veterans Financial Benefit Options

Veterans are considered by law completely and 100% disable by virtue of turning age 65. Many Veterans are unaware that they are eligible for a disability pension even though they were not disabled while in the military. If the Veteran is age 65 or over they are considered 100% disabled and even though their health is good they may still qualify for a disability or improved pension.  Do you know a veteran?  I served in the United States Marine Corps during Vietnam. I am excited whenever I am able to help a veteran. Our planner is named Nichole and she is licensed to assist veterans in their applications.